Old MacDonald Farms (Jamaica) Ltd.

Jamaica's King of Sausage!

A family business, established in 1986, we are purveyors of the finest quality frankfurters, hams, sausages, and luncheon meats, supplying Jamaican supermarkets, retailers, wholesalers, and caterers. Our products delight both home cooks and professionals! 

We pioneered the national production of jerk sausage and smoked chicken, and regularly make-to order specialty products like pastrami, pepperoni, and jerk seasoned chicken and pork blend sausage for special events.

Old MacDonald now offers the JellyWata line of beverages including Fresh Coconut 'Wata,’ Sorrel Drink and Cane Juice

Next up... we are taking our brand overseas, with our first product designed to bring a taste of Jamaica to our friends and family in North America. Our Shake & Jerk seasoning mix will be authentic, with no sugar or MSG added! Jerk cooking is an old tradition in Jamaica and we’re proud to take the “real deal” in seasoning to the U.S. and Canada. Watch for more details soon! 

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